Should You Implement A Financial Wellness Program?

Over the last 30 years there has been a significant movement by employers away from traditional defined benefit plans to 401(k) plans.  The net result of this shift is that now, more than ever, responsibility for achieving a secure retirement falls squarely on the shoulders of individual employees.

To-date, a substantial amount of money has been invested in creating tools and resources designed to help participants determine how much they need to save to reach their retirement goals.  Now is the time, however, to develop the tools and resources to help participants find the money we’ve been telling them they need save to accomplish their retirement goals.  This creates a significant opportunity for a financial advisor to step in to help plan sponsors to evaluate and implement a financial wellness program.

The attached presentation by Dimensional Fund Advisors provides a good foundation to determine if a financial wellness program would be appropriate to implement according to  At TRG we provide financial planning and wellness resources as part of our record-keeping platform.”

You Can Download the Presentation Here: Financial Wellness