For Highly Compensated Employees Consider Safe Harbor Plans

Comparison Guidelines for 2018 from TRG

This is the time of the year when highly compensated employees (HCEs) are receiving the test results for the 2017 plan year.

Many HCEs are receiving refunds in order to pass the Average Deferral Percentage Test (ADP).

A safe harbor plan design may be an excellent alternative to consider.

Even though the plan cannot be amended to begin accepting safe harbor employer contributions for 2018, now is a good time to begin visiting with plan sponsors about a solution which will allow the HCEs to maximize their contributions beginning in 2019.

We’ve created this convenient resource for you showing the SIMPLE IRA vs 401(k) with Safe Harbor Match guidelines for 2018, visit to know more.

Download your copy here: SIMPLE IRA vs 401k SH Match 2018

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