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We Provide Broad Flexibility to Our Advisor Partners

Financial advisors are the cornerstone of our business. That’s why we devote significant time and effort towards designing our service package to help them grow and retain their retirement plan business.

Defining a retirement plan standard of excellence

The retirement plan industry is evolving rapidly which means that more and more is expected from advisors who wish to successfully operate in this marketplace.  For them, it’s critical to partner with a service provider that offers innovative technology and client-centric service while at the same time remaining cost-competitive.


Our customers typically say it’s our high level of service that truly sets us apart.  But that’s not our only redeeming quality…

Pure Open Architecture
Thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, Collectives, Boutique Managed Portfolios and Advisor-Managed Models, all with no proprietary or revenue incentives.
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State-of-the-Art Participant Website
Our web experience is designed to provide immediate feedback to participants as they make important savings and investment decisions.
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Revenue Offsets
We always try to encourage the use of non-revenue paying investment options but regardless, TRG uses any investment revenue sharing we receive to offset our fees.
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Personalized Service
Our Plan Sponsors are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager and Client Coordinator who they will get to know by name.  Personality is an important part of our hiring process.
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Flexible Service Packages
Our goal is to work with the Sponsor’s preferred TPA but we also provide a full service package if requested.
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Fee Transparency

Nothing’s hidden which makes it easier for Plan Fiduciaries to better fulfill their responsibilities to their participants.

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ERISA 3(38) Services
For plan advisors looking for additional levels of investment service, we provide access to numerous ERISA 3(38) investment advisory and 3(38) investment management service providers.
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Guided Financial Planning
For those individuals who desire to take a “deeper dive”, we offer sophisticated yet user friendly do-it-yourself financial planning resources through our participant website.
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Financial Wellness
Our  website provides access to tools and unbiased information to help participants in their financial wellness journey.  In addition to a wide array of information about retirement savings plans, managing personal finances, college funding options, and how to navigate Social Security when the time comes, participants will find calculators, videos, and informative content on various topics to help guide them through the planning process.
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Improving Retirement Outcomes

Participants Need Our Help!

How many times have you been asked  by participants “How much should I contribute?” or “Where should I invest my money?”.

The answers to those questions depend, of course, on a variety of individualized factors – participant age, current savings, investment risk tolerance, assumed rates of return on investments, anticipated retirement age and so on.

TRG offers several useful resources on our participant website to help address those common questions.  From the simple to the more complex, the tools we provide are designed to appeal to a broad range of  user experiences and levels of interest in an effort to motivate participants to make savings and investment decisions that will result in more positive retirement outcomes.

It Starts with a Simplified Enrollment Experience

Motivating behavior through positive visual feedback

The ideal time to positively influence participant behavior is at the point of enrollment when their motivation to take action is at the highest and they are most likely looking for answers to the common questions “How much should I save?” and “How should I invest my money?”.

Harnessing the power of “Gamification”

TRG’s interactive enrollment immediately engages the participant as their current and suggested savings strategies are displayed in front of them. The responsive graph allows “What-if” scenarios to be played out, and changes in monthly retirement income are instantaneously reflected as the participant adjusts their contribution rate.

In the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, participants can:

  • Establish a successful saving strategy
  • Detail in real time how that strategy impacts their current paycheck
  • Illustrate an income stream in retirement that exceeds life expectancy
  • Establish an investment allocation based on the current fund lineup and
    participants risk tolerance

We Are Constantly Looking For Ways to Improve the Total Participant Experience!

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or concerns we’d love to here from you. You can call us or email us by clicking on the button below.

TRG has been a partner for our executive leadership team making the process of switching, merging and eventually managing our 401K seamless and easy. Service to our team has been off the charts. Partnership and support has been unparalleled. Thank you, all!

Mitchell Reiner, CFP®, CIMA®
Capital Investment Advisors

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