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The TRG Difference

TRG understands that you have a business to run and that sponsoring a qualified retirement plan isn’t your full time job.

At the same time, your company’s retirement plan is most likely the primary retirement savings vehicle for most of your employees which makes it one of the most important benefits you can offer.

As the Plan Sponsor, you are the primary fiduciary of your plan which means you are subject to certain standards of conduct that require you to act solely on behalf of the participants and their beneficiaries.

We work with your plan’s financial advisor and your TPA to build a service package that meets the needs of both the Plan Sponsor and the participants alike.

Outsource Your Fiduciary Liability

When does it make sense for a Plan Sponsor to consider outsourcing significant portions of their fiduciary liability?  The first step is to understand the various legal and operational responsibilities inherent with sponsoring a qualified plan before deciding if it would be prudent to outsource some or all of those responsibilities.  TRG will work with you and your other advisors to answer those questions and recommend potential solutions.

Custom Plan Design

There are a variety of ways to design a retirement plan.  We can accommodate any type of plan allowed in the Internal Revenue Code and we will work with your preferred TPA to implement their plan design.  If you choose our full service package, one of our design specialists will work with you to build a plan structure that makes sense for both you and your employees.

Custom Investment Lineup

TRG is an “open-architecture” record keeper which means you and your financial advisor have access to thousands of quality, low cost mutual funds, ETFs, Collective Investment Funds and boutique managed model portfolios from which to build a superior, low-cost investment lineup for your participants.

Fee Transparency

Fiduciaries are required to understand if the fees and expenses paid to the plan’s service providers from participant assets are “reasonable”.  From the get-go, TRG presents our fees in a straight-forward manner that makes them easy for everyone to analyze and understand.

Plan Data At Your Fingertips

Our interactive Plan Intelligence report allows you to analyze and better understand how your plan is being utilized by your employees.

Flexible Service Packages

Our goal is to work with the Sponsor’s preferred TPA but we also provide a full service package if requested.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

TRG assigns a dedicated Relationship Manager to each of our full service plans. Behind the scenes, your Relationship Manager is backed up by scores of other talented professionals but we don’t force you to play “service person roulette” each and every  time you contact us.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or concerns we’d love to here from you. You can call us or email us by clicking on the button below.

TRG has been a key partner in the UBMD Family Medicine 401k plan for over 12 years, providing assistance with fiduciary and investment services. The TRG team has always provided us with excellent advice, guidance and customer service. Any one of them will make themselves available to you whenever needed. We are very thankful for their help and support!

Debbie Hengst, PHR, SHRM-CP
UB/MD Family Medicine

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