Ensuring Intelligent Plan Governance

A key element in Defining a Retirement Plan Standard of Excellence is Governance.  Every qualified retirement plan covered by ERISA has to be in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code, ERISA, and the Plan Documents at all times.  This applies to any size plan regardless of assets or number of participants.

The resource below clearly outlines several areas Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries should follow or consider implementing, if they have not already done so.  The result will be a more successful retirement plan which would withstand the scrutiny of an IRS audit, DOL investigation, or litigation.

The question Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries need to answer is do they have the time, knowledge, or expertise to properly implement and maintain the various best practices outlined in the article.

Access the resource referenced, written by Carol Buckmann of Cohen & Buckmann, P.C, using the link below.